Happy Birthday Tia

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猿美LOG【10】 by 参樹

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ある日、あなたは涙で目を覚ますとき、あなたの側で 1 つをするしたいのですが あなたを伝えるために “その大丈夫、それはただの夢だった”

one day when you wake up in tears,
i want to be the one by your side
to tell you
“it’s okay, it was just a dream.

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Track: 时间煮雨
Artist: 吴亦凡
Album: 时间煮雨(电影《小时代3》片尾曲)
Plays: 25.954

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How do even people get to 10k followers.

When I will get to 1000 I will be a fossil.
I’m obviously interesting as photosynthesis chlorophyllin.

I’m sorry, but I will always take the side of those who leave the SM.
Even at the cost of unfollowing all the groups that are part of it, I always will support Hangeng, Wu Yifan, Kim Jaejoong, Kim Junsu, Park Yoochun and also all those who in the future will leave.

you are fireworks lit at sunrise
you are summer moonrise

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